Giancarlo Giordano - Tre figure, particolare

Giancarlo Giordano – Painting my life

Chiale Fine Art – Bruxelles

Giancarlo Giordano - 11 Three figures 2018

Fine Art

Exhibition from 26 January to 10 march 2019

Chiale Fine Art
rue aux Laines 40, 1000 Bruxelles

Marina Pepino
Art Director

I paint what I see, not what the eyes see

It is a great pleasure and tremendous honour for us to present this exhibition of works by Giancarlo Giordano, painter and multifaceted artist who has given to his art life and personal insight. He is an artist I have known for many years; he has never thought of his creations as works for sale but rather as expressions of his spirit, his emotions and states of mind.

The true artist is one who creates what is felt, what the soul/spirit sees, what the heart says. Giancarlo Giordano does not paint just what the eyes see, but what he sees and feels impelled to create.

His art is a therapy for the soul in which painting makes him feel whole. It puts him in touch with the outside worlds to which his gives his creations.

His work experiences in Racconigi asylum have had a profound effect on his artistic life. He has been able to study people’s psychology, seeing the differences between exterior and interior life, the various illnesses and stages of rage, anguish, pain and frustration of those who are marginalised from daily life. He has succeeded in distilling their essence, their soul, their being and thanks to his extraordinary sensibility he has created works of outstanding beauty, in a world where the beautiful is obscured by the prison of the care home.” I paint what I see, not what the eyes see”.

Giordano’s real ability is just that, letting society become acquainted, by means of the beauty of his creations, with the outcasts, people who for a variety of reasons have not had an ordinary life.

I consider him to be a non-conformist for the weak, their voice and spirit; besides being magnificent creations, his paintings are a cry for help of those who look at the world from behind the walls and bars of a mental institutions; in certain sense.

Alessandro e Federico Chiale

Opere di Giancarlo Giordano esposte al BRAFA Art Fair 1
Opere di Giancarlo Giordano esposte al BRAFA Art Fair 2

Art Fair 2019

26 Jan – 3 Feb 

Brafa Art Fair

Giancarlo Giordano - Painting my life

Some works on show

Perhaps life, perhaps far more

“My tongue could not speak what stirred within me, the village thought me a fool” a tombstone epitaph from the marvellous Spoon River Anthology by E.L. Masters.

We are the village and Giordano reminds us of this with his furious and sweet brush-strokes.
A man grips a bowl (perhaps life ,perhaps far more), another offers his wrists and open palms (submission in exchange for help?). Then large windows and bars, vacant stares lost in a fate decided centuries before.
Slowly the colour changes: grey, the pallor of the paints yields to brush-strokes of an ancient violence, driven into the hearts of the protagonists.

Marco Neirotti

Our genesis, poverty and spirit

The paintings of Giancarlo Giordano hit an increasingly difficult target to hit: the truth.

[…] The drama and tragedy of humanity live together with his work. Fight, often a loser, and fate, inexorable and irreversible, lives in the images of man and in the colors as well, with hard brushstrokes, sometimes unmade, in landscapes swept by a violent, violent wind. In this context, however, it would be very improper to talk about realism, because the painter does not place his characters in history, but in the anti-world where events are held that have very little to do with the “people” everyday and scenarios emerge that only an exceptional inner experience can materialize in image.

[…] Human pain, like madness – crystallized pain in an “other” dimension, inviolable refuge of separation from the world – remains a total mystery and only the conscience of a common destiny and piety (does not concern Christian) united to respect The painting of Giordano breaks through this crucial knot, I believe on stage the signs like wounds and delusions.

Ida Isoardi